A stunning collection of over 300 photographs and stories highlighting Michael’s 24 trips to Cuba.

VANISHING CUBA is a visual storytelling project by American photographer Michael Chinnici. The collection depicts the changes Cuba is facing as it emerges from more than 60 years of isolation and decay. Michael’s 24 trips to Cuba have yielded tens of thousands of photographs, thought-provoking and emotional stories, and created lifelong friendships. Vanishing Cuba is about capturing the past, present, and future of Cuba, and even more so, about capturing the “Soul of Cuba”. Michael’s love affair with Cuba and the Cuban people clearly comes through in this compelling and beautifully produced book.

These handcrafted books have been printed in small quantities and will only be available for a limited time.

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Vanishing Cuba Book Collection
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Attention To Detail
Only The Highest Quality & Finest Printing Techniques

Spectra7 Color Printing

Michael wanted his color photographs to be equally as impressive on paper, as they appear on hi-resolution mobile devices and 4K monitors. For this reason, he chose to go with a newly developed printing process called Spectra7.

In addition to the four main colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) used in traditional CMYK printing, Spectra7 adds orange, green, and purple to widen the color space by about 30%. This allows for 90% of all PANTONE colors to be reproduced on press, something that has never before been achieved. Spectra7 delivers the intensity and brilliance his images deserve.

TriTon 3 Black Printing

Black & white printing has traditionally been done using just one black ink. For better results, a duotone system was developed to blend together both a black and a grey which resulted in better mid-tones.

But Michael was looking for more! He was looking for blacks that are ‘blacker than black’, mid-tones that are balanced, and highlights that are soft. The results, a high degree of contrast and impressive three-dimensionality. He did this by choosing a proprietary TriTon system that uses three inks, two blacks, and one grays. The results are nothing short of sensational.

Storytelling In Both English & Spanish

Michael always felt that a book about Cuba deserves to be told in both English and Spanish. Although English is widely spoken in Cuba, especially among the young, producing the book in Spanish will give many Cubans, Cuban Americans, Latin Americans and Spaniards the opportunity to enjoy it in their native language.

Handcrafted using only The Finest Italian Paper

Michael’s objective was to produce a book that creatively, emotionally, and historically lasts the test of time. To create a handcrafted book that spoke quality and beauty from the moment you laid your eyes on it, to the moment you held it in your hands and turned the pages. For this reason, he has chosen only the finest quality paper, printing, and ink process, as well as bindery and finishing.

Italians have a long-standing reputation for superior craftsmanship when it comes to papers, fabrics, and attention to detail, whether it be art, books, or exotic sports cars.

About the Author – Michael Chinnici

A New York-based award-winning photographer, creative director, and designer, Michael Chinnici has traveled the world photographing people, street, architecture, landscapes, motorsports, aerial, and fashion. He enjoys the challenges that various photographic disciplines present. He is the Founder and CEO of Photo Workshop Adventures, a premier photo tour company offering photo-centric cultural adventures in over 150 destinations in over 50 countries. He is a frequent speaker at events where he discusses his “Evoking Emotion” approach to photography.

The Vanishing Cuba project came to life after countless requests to produce a book about his works and his experiences. It will be two years in the making by the time it’s printed, This limited edition book includes a stunning collection of over 300 photographs and stories from Michael’s 24 trips to Cuba. The collection depicts the changes Cuba is facing as it emerges from more than 60 years of isolation and decay. Michael’s trips to Cuba have yielded tens of thousands of photographs, thought-provoking and emotional stories, and created lifelong friendships. Vanishing Cuba is about capturing the “Soul of Cuba”. Michael’s love affair with Cuba and the Cuban people clearly comes through in this compelling and beautifully produced book, handcrafted in Italy.

Michael has already begun to lay the ground work for his next book titled, “Vanishing India”. He has already completed 12 trips to this amazing and fascinating country. As Michael puts it, “India is like no other country in the world. It’s like experiencing 40 countries in one”.

Michael was introduced to photography by his father when he was eleven years old. Using his dad’s WWII era Argus C3 and a basement darkroom, he began his love affair with the camera. Although Michael spent the early years of his career in marketing and design (heading up his own NYC Ad Agency for 25 years), he also founded New York’s first digital photography studio “Icon Digital” in 1995. His knowledge of art and design is evident in the material selections, stunning design, and details found throughout this book series.

He is the father of two girls and two boys, one of whom is a cinematographer. When Michael isn’t on assignment, in the studio, or on a global adventure, he can be found traveling the world searching for unique photography opportunities, exceptional hotels, and amazing culinary experiences.


All pre-orders shipped in January 2022. We expect more books in February. The delays are due to the ongoing global supply chain shipping issues. Reserve Edition Books take a week or so to fulfill due to the personalized nature of the package including the printing of your signed and numbered 3-print collection. Please keep in mind that these books are of the highest quality. The attention to detail, from signing the books, to printing and shipping is of equal importance to us.

These handcrafted books are printed in small quantities and will only be available for a limited time.

Cuba Experiences & Book Reviews
What People Are Saying About The Book

As I slowly turn the pages of exquisite photos of Michael’s many trips to Cuba, reading the stories of each image, I’m getting chills as every page gives me so much inspiration and insight into an island I have yet to visit and wish I already had. The perfect lighting and stories each photo tell give me so many lessons on photography… and life.

Michael Chinnici… your documentation of a “Vanishing Cuba” is truly going to be like looking into a sliver of its history to those in the future. I’m getting chills as I turn every page and you transport us as if we are traveling with you! What a joy—and even more so for us photographers!

Lexie Cataldo (United States)

Book arrived. Words escape me. Guess all I can say is “Wow”!

Sheila Bodine (United States)

I Just received the book today and on first look not sure I have adequate words. Incredible, Amazing, Fantastic… now to properly read and immerse myself will take a nice glass of sipping rum, a Cuban cigar, and dive in. Congratulations! It exceeded your pre-publication blog posts. 

Michael Paez (United States)

Hi Michael. Your book came up on an Instagram ad. Very well placed I must say – because I love photography and I have a collection of over 1000 photography books, especially anything Cuba related. I really love your pics and the commentary. I feel photos with a commentary is the best, as it’s fascinating to hear the context/story behind the shot. If the book is as you describe, you could charge at least double for your work especially with the prints included.

Andy C (London)

OMGOMGOMG. This is AMAZING. SO HEAVY SO BIG!!! I can’t wait to open it!!!! My friend is here and she is amazed too! It is fabulous. Can’t wait to read every page. It’s going on my coffee table with Annie Leibovitz!!

Janet Samuels (United States)

This is incredible! Like everything else that you do, this is exquisite… beyond top notch.

Your work, especially regarding Cuba, and a place that I have still never been to, India, has such passion! There are many of your images that I not only wish that I could make, but that I have no idea what you even did to create them.

I can “feel” the images on these pages. That’s the best way that I can describe them. They resonate with me like no others. Thank you!

Donna Kross (United States)

I received my copy of Vanishing Cuba earlier this week and wanted to wait for a perfectly quiet time to open the box. What better day than a cold snowy Friday? I opened it today with my wife Lorraine, who was a high school Spanish teacher. Neither of us has been to Cuba but hopes to go one day. This absolutely stunning, beautifully photographed and printed book is the next best thing. Oh my! Magnificent job! Congratulations! I will take my time looking at all the amazing images and reading the text carefully. Lorraine was particularly taken with the inclusion of the side-by-side English / Spanish text, as was I. Please know that this book will be cherished and read and reread. Thank you!

Clyde Berger (United States)

My book arrived yesterday. It’s packed so well. So heavy. So amazing. I’m going to dig in. I can’t wait. I love it already.

(3 days later.) This book is AMAZING! I refused to speed through it. I’m reading every caption, the intro, and looking at the art like a gallery show. It’s taking me longer as I savor all the pages. The print quality is off the charts too. You did an amazing job with this. 

Jason Anello (United States)

I just received the book. What a work of art. A masterpiece in every way. It really captures so much emotion of the people and the place. So beautiful. I wish you much success from this accomplishment. My girlfriend Maria and I are looking at it and just saying, WOW!

I’ve never seen such beautiful printing. The printing registration is perfect. The colors! The black and white are alive!

David Glaser (United States)

We ordered the Reserve Edition because we love the presentation and the exclusivity of it. Perhaps the book will one day be a collectors item. Like Michael, we fell in love with Cuba and the Cuban people. How could you not. If you haven’t been to Cuba, the next closest thing will be to admire and absorb this book. We can’t imagine you being disappointed.

Maria & Stewart (Spain)

I’ve been to Cuba with Michael. My 5th trip with PWA was to Cuba in 2015. To say it was an amazing experience is an understatement. A true step back in time, I was enchanted with the friendliness of the people, awed by the architecture and vintage automobiles, and impressed by both the organized photo opportunities as well as the casual, unplanned opportunities. I am so very excited to purchase a Reserve copy of Vanishing Cuba. Michael Chinnici’s photos of his experiences in Cuba are not to be missed!

Jane Jamison (United States)

News + Events

The Journey of Vanishing Cuba – Updates



Many thanks to Shades of Grey Fine Art Photography Magazine for featuring me on the cover of their publication and showcasing my black and white Cuba photography in a stunning 32-page pictorial and interview. It’s nice to be the first featured artist in this beautifully designed 238-page magazine. 

Shades of Grey Magazine and its sister publication, Shades of Color, strive for photographic excellence. When I submitted the images to Shades of Color, I had forgotten that I included black and white photos. This small mistake resulted in the editor requesting my work in both magazines. So look for another feature coming in a future issue of Shades of Color. 



Luxury Splash of Art Magazine is the brainchild of artists Kamila Krzyzaniak and Agnieszka Kowalczewska, both born in Poland and residing in London. Kamila is an architect and contemporary artist specializing in abstracts, and Agnieszka is known for her paintings on canvas and textiles.

Kamila describes the magazine as “a homage to those who set trends – and entertain us with their imagination and talent.” The publication features sculptors, photographers, chefs, jewelers, and fashion designers. It’s a real honor to be featured among such talented artists. It’s my hope that my photographs and the storytelling in my Vanishing Cuba book



It was so lovely to discover that I was featured in the December issue of Get Lost Magazine, a Melbourne Australia-based independent adventure travel magazine. My Vanishing Cuba photography is highlighted in the EXPOSURE section, where they select just two photographers a month.

Founded in 2004 by Publisher Justin Jamieson, the magazine seeks out unique travel experiences around the globe for travelers wishing to explore and take unforgettable holidays that are not found in brochures.



As many of you know, when I set out to publish my Vanishing Cuba book, my objective was to create something exceptional and not just another book. 

I would soon find out if my seven years of photography and two years of writing, design, and production were about to deliver on that promise. 

With the arrival of the first few samples of my book, I boarded a flight to Miami for Art Basel, where the Reserve Edition of my book would be showcased for the very first time. But my real interest would be a very special meeting we had set up months earlier. 



Let me begin with my sincerest apologies regarding the delays associated with my Vanishing Cuba book. We had initially thought that the book would ship from Italy in early November, but unfortunately, this never materialized. 

There are various reasons for the delay, but most notably, the pandemic initiated global supply chain problems that have created issues across the world. This includes the shortage of paper, semiconductor chips for cars, overcrowded ports, container ships waiting to unload, and basics like trucks and drivers to move goods through the supply chain.



I am honored to have my Cuba photography and Vanishing Cuba book featured in the November issue of PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER Magazine.

Amanda Arnold from PPA (Professional Photographers of America) says, “Twenty-four trips to Cuba and tens of thousands of photographs were the inspiration for Michael Chinnici’s photobook “Vanishing Cuba” (Red Octopus Publishing).



It was so wonderful for Vanishing Cuba to be featured in the November 2021 issue of OUTLOOK TRAVELLER Magazine, India’s No. 1 Travel Magazine and website in India. It was also so nice to get messages from friends in India who were excited to see the feature (see video below).



On September 28, 2021, I departed New York for Milan, Italy, to oversee the printing and production of my long-awaited Vanishing Cuba book. I was headed to my printer, Longo AG, in Bolzano, Italy. My man at Longo, Giuseppe, picked me up at the airport, and we began our four-hour journey across Northern Italy. Giuseppe had been working with me for two years on this project, and he knew exactly what I was looking to achieve. After multiple espressos stops along the Autostrade, we arrived at Longo in the late afternoon. The espresso stops were a good indication of what was to come. Non-stop espresso, all day, every day, for the next two weeks!


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