We were excited when we heard that PHOTO-EYE BOOKSTORE, located in Sante Fe, NM, was interested in showcasing my VANISHING CUBA book! Why? Photo-eye is one of the world’s oldest and largest photobook resources, specializing in hard-to-get, small print-run photobooks published by artists and small presses worldwide. 

In May 2022, the store placed a substantial order of both Silver Edition and Deluxe Edition Vanishing Cuba books, and on July 12, it featured Vanishing Cuba as their 365 Book of the Day! So Exciting!!!

Photo-eye prides itself on discovering unusually designed books, foreign titles, and self-published books that they believe are essential contributions to the history of the medium. Founded in 1979 by Rixon Reed, the world’s foremost online photography bookstore features over 30,000 titles. 

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