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Limited to only 500 copies, each handcrafted Deluxe Edition book is signed and numbered and includes a beautiful slipcase box made in Italy, adding elegance and protection for years to come. This hardcover book measures 12″ (31cm) x 13″ (33cm) x 1.7″ (4.4cm) and contains over 300 photographs and stories. Designed by Michael, printed and handcrafted in Italy, this elegantly styled 348-page museum-quality photo book and slipcase combination makes a stunning and impressive presentation on any coffee table or in any bookcase.

The book’s color images are printed using a proprietary 7-color Spectra System to provide the most vibrant colors. The book’s black & white images are printed using a 2-black and 1-grey TriTone System, delivering superior b&w images with breathtaking results. Ultra-fine, dot-less, stochastic printing rounds out this magnificent work of art. Printing in 10 colors is a rarity among photography coffee table books. Thanks to the support of Heidelberg Press, Epple Inks in Germany, and Longo Press in Italy, we created a truly stunning book. Many have said that we “set the bar.”

Michael has curated his 24 trips to Cuba into a wonderful storytelling photo collection. Each beautifully crafted book is produced with stories in both English and Spanish, with Cuban friends helping guide the narrative with beautiful essays. Michael’s style of photography captures the “Soul of Cuba” in the most authentic, endearing, beautiful, and honest light. His images are so lively; that they jump off the page. His stories are so compelling; that you are transported to Cuba with the turn of every page. 

True, the book is a beautiful photographic storytelling journey through the lost-in-time island nation of Cuba. But it’s also filled with many historical references woven into the writings. For this reason, many prestigious University libraries and public libraries across the globe have purchased the book for their permanent collections.

This book ships within five business days. 

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  • Deluxe Edition Book
  • Deluxe Edition Handcrafted Slipcase
  • 348 Pages
  • 300 Photographs & Stories
  • English and Spanish
  • Signed & Numbered
  • Limited to Only 500 Copies
  • Hardcover
  • The Finest Italian Museum Quality Paper
  • 10-Color Offset Printed
  • Book Size: 12" (31cm) x 13" (33cm) x 1.7" (4.4cm)
  • Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
  • ISBN:978-1-7377678-1-7
  • Library of Congress: 2021916544
  • SKU: VCDE2021MJC-002
  • All Credit Cards Accepted. Worldwide Shipping
  • Price $145 USD

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 13 in

Each book is handcrafted in Italy using only the finest materials.

Deluxe Slipcase

Wrapped in an elegant cloth-bound deluxe slipcase.

Signed & Numbered

The Deluxe Edition is signed and numbered.

Limited Edition

The Deluxe Edition is limited to 500 signed and numbered copies.

10-Color Printing

Printed using a special 7-color Spectra7 process (CYMK plus 3 PMS colors), and a 3-black TriTon (2 blacks and 1 PMS grey).

English & Spanish

Each book's text is in both English and Spanish.

13 reviews for DELUXE EDITION

  1. Merve Sertoğlu

    It is obvious that every single page in this book is written by an excellent photographer, a very good observer, and a warm heart person. I can see how talented he is in photography, catching and emphasizing the details. Each photo has a unique story, and he is also good at telling these stories too. I really love the stories behind the photos. They touch your heart. I fell so blessed to have one of the copies of this unique book!

  2. Danny & Claire Crowe

    Awesome doesn’t do the book justice. Superbly produced, the book contains endless wonderful copy and photographs, so much so that we’ll be spending many happy days absorbing it all. A must for anyone who loves art, culture and beauty.

  3. Maria Passannante-Derr

    Vanishing Cuba … beyond my expectations …

    I love the thick paper. As I glide my hand across the page, I touch, connect and revisit Cuba, Punta Gorda, Vinales Valley at sunrise, and of course the people, earthy and so “in the moment”. What of his technique? … beyond reproach whether he is shooting with a Fujifilm XT-3 or amazingly, with an iPhone 6 (the Bay of Cienfuegos). Michael’s discerning eye together with his experimental one-of-a-kind, black and white, and color print technology elevates the simplest subject matter, a door, a window, a gate and begs the reader to linger. His storytelling, particularly in expressive Spanish, captures the many years of “sacrifice, pride, passion, hope, and change of the Cuban people. Hence, the carefully named sections of the book complement the photos within. Michael’s creative energy and hard work are surpassed only by his sincere love of Cuba and its people. I anticipate that in the coming years, Vanishing Cuba will be a memoir of the beginning of the “silent revolution”, the “what once was”. What a legacy!

    Maria Passannante-Derr (Deluxe Edition)

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13 reviews for DELUXE EDITION

  1. Michael Paez (verified owner)

    Just received the book today and on first look not sure I have adequate words. Incredible, Amazing, Fantastic… now to properly read and immerse myself will take a nice glass of sipping rum, Cuban cigar and dive in.

    I look forward to that and can’t wait to get my cousins thoughts at the Cuba he left almost 60 years ago.

    Michael, my congratulations. It exceeded your pre-publication notes, and I look forward to returning with more compliments and accolades.

  2. Michael D. Drucker

    Michael Chinnici’s “Vanishing Cuba” has appeared at long last, and has literally blown my mind.

    The descriptions of this book as it was being created did not oversell this magnificent work of art!

    From the moment the box arrived and I felt its tight packaging and heft, it felt like a treasure.

    I sliced the seams open with a pen knife ever so carefully and what I found inside has to be THE most impressive book of photography I have ever seen. I’m not exaggerating.

    First, the images, MY GOD! Truly inspired. 300 hundred glorious moments that transport us to this photographer’s beloved Cuba – the thick oversized pages fanning a tropical breeze to further enhance the experience.

    I look forward to settling in and reading the stories — a thoughtful choice to present in both English and Spanish.

    The printing process and those colors!…
    The texture and weight of the paper…
    The binding and cover and box…
    The sheer substantial weight of the book and its thickness.

    The attention to detail is remarkable — simultaneously paying homage to a vanishing art – while utilizing state-of-the-art technology to demonstrate what is possible.

    It’s obvious Chinnici — and the entire team that produced this masterwork — put every ounce of their hearts and minds and experience into this and we benefit. As do the people of Cuba! Just wow.

    Congratulations I’m awestruck.

    “Vanishing Cuba” has raised the bar and set a new standard of excellence. Thank you for this groundbreaking effort.

  3. Angelo A. Chinnici MD

    This is a masterpiece of illustrative photography detailing the present state of Cuba. Color magnificent color and the harmony of “what was and what now exists” coupled with cheerful accepting smiles.
    Packaging was exquisite as is the workmanship, binding and grade of paper.
    A lot of thought went into the individual captions which capture the mood and unique moment of the photographers intent!
    This is a true historical piece, teaching tool and lesson in illustrative art as it exits in photography.

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