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Selected Printer: LONGO AG (Bolzano, Italy)

I am pleased to announce that LONGO AG in Bolzano, Italy, will be printing my long-awaited large-format VANISHING CUBA photo book.

7-Color Spectra7® Offset Printing 

I wanted my color photographs to be equally as impressive on paper as they appear on hi-resolution 4K monitors and mobile devices. For this reason, I chose to go with a newly developed printing process called Spectra7®. This process is only available from Longo AG in Italy. 

In addition to the four main colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) used in traditional CMYK printing, Spectra7 adds orange, green, and purple to widen the color space by about 30%. This allows for 90% of all PANTONE colors to be reproduced on press, something that has never before been achieved. Spectra7 delivers the intensity and brilliance my images deserve.

TriTone Black & White Offset Printing

Black & white printing has traditionally been done using just one black ink. For better results, a duotone system was developed to blend together both a black and a grey, which resulted in better mid-tones.

But I was looking for more! I was looking for blacks that are ‘blacker than black,’ mid-tones that are balanced, and highlights that are soft. I did this by choosing a proprietary TriTone system that uses three inks, one black, and two grays. The result is a high degree of contrast and impressive three-dimensionality. The results are nothing short of sensational.

Selected Bindery – Legatoria C&G (Milan, Italy)

Located in Milan, Italy, Legatoria C&G specializes in the bindery of valuable books: limited editions, publications for collectors, books of art and literature, photographic volumes of worldwide distribution, catalogs for exhibitions and museums, books that are, in themselves, authentic pieces of design and above all, and the flagship of our processes are the so-called large-format books. 

Legatoria’s attention to detail and high quality is the perfect match for the exceptional printing that Longo will deliver. 

Selected for Packaging – LCF La Cartotecnica Fossaluzza (Treviso, Italy)

Located in Treviso, Italy (just outside Venice), LCF La Cartotecnica Fossaluzza has been providing packaging and bookbinding to the industry’s highest standards since 1988. Their experience dates back to 1966 when Andrea and Roberto Fossaluzza began their careers in the industry. I am excited that LCF will be manufacturing my designs to the highest standards possible for the packaging of the Deluxe and Reserve EditionsThe results are nothing short of stunning!

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