In March and May 2022, I returned to Cuba and asked my Cuban friends to sign a copy of the Silver Edition book. I was amazed that so many Cubans wanted to look at every photo and read every story. Some slowly turned the pages, just taking it all in. Some cried, some laughed, and some hugged me. 

A dear friend said, “Michael, you don’t understand. We live this life every day. We choose to ignore it because we have no choice. Your photos, your words, they bring home our reality. It’s sad; it’s real, and thank you for making us see it.”

Another friend said, “You make my country look so beautiful. I know my country is beautiful, but I’ve never seen it so beautiful.”

A photographer friend said, “You know Michael when I turn these pages, I feel like I am looking at the work of many photographers, not just one, not just you.” (A compliment to my varied style of photography) 

I’ll be expanding on this over future trips. I still have so many more friends to sign my book. Thank you, everyone. Thank you to all my beautiful Cuban friends. I love you all so much! 



It was a pleasure to be interviewed by my peer and my good friend Michael Steverson, and an honor to be featured in 1x Magazine, which has set the standard for excellence in modern photography.

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