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The handcrafted Silver Edition contains over 300 photographs in a beautifully printed and produced 12″ (31cm) x 13″ (33cm) x 1.7″ (4.4cm) hardcover book. Designed by Michael, printed and handcrafted in Italy, this elegantly styled 348-page museum-quality photo book is a beautiful addition to any coffee table or bookcase.

The book’s color images are printed using a proprietary 7-color Spectra System to provide the most vibrant colors. The book’s black & white images are printed using a 2-black and 1-grey TriTone System, delivering superior b&w images with breathtaking results. Ultra-fine, dot-less, stochastic printing rounds out this magnificent work of art. Printing in 10 colors is a rarity among photography coffee table books. Thanks to the support of Heidelberg Press, Epple Inks in Germany, and Longo Press in Italy, we created a truly stunning book. Many have said that we “set the bar.”

Michael has curated his 24 trips to Cuba into a wonderful storytelling photo collection. Each beautifully crafted book is produced with stories in both English and Spanish, with Cuban friends helping guide the narrative with beautiful essays. Michael’s style of photography captures the “Soul of Cuba” in the most authentic, endearing, beautiful, and honest light. His images are so lively; that they jump off the page. His stories are so compelling; that you are transported to Cuba with the turn of every page. 

True, the book is a beautiful photographic storytelling journey through the lost-in-time island nation of Cuba. But it’s also filled with many historical references woven into the writings. For this reason, many prestigious University libraries and public libraries across the globe have purchased the book for their permanent collections.

This book ships within the United States in one to three business days. International shipments take one to two weeks.

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  • Silver Edition Book
  • Signed Edition Available (Exclusive)
  • 348 Pages
  • 300 Photographs & Stories
  • English and Spanish
  • Hardcover
  • The Finest Italian Museum Quality Paper
  • 10-Color Offset e
  • Book Size: 12" (31cm) x 13" (33cm) x 1.7" (4.4cm)
  • Weight: 9 lbs (4 kg)
  • ISBN: 978-1-7377678-0-0
  • Library of Congress: 2021916544
  • SKU: VCSE2021MJC-001
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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 13 in
Silver Edition Book

Silver Edition Book

Silver Edition Book (Signed)

Silver Edition Book (Signed)

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Silver Edition, Silver Edition Signed (Exclusive)


Each book is handcrafted in Italy using only the finest materials.

English & Spanish

Each book's text is in both English and Spanish.

10-Color Printing

Printed using a special 7-color Spectra7 process (CYMK plus 3 PMS colors), and a 3-black TriTon (2 blacks and 1 PMS grey).

33 reviews for SILVER EDITION

  1. David Dell’Amore (verified owner)

    Vanishing Cuba is a true masterpiece. The magnificent images exemplify Michael’s reputation as an extraordinary photographer.

    There are many photos of natural scenery, architecture, and, of course, American vintage cars , that are exceptionally beautiful, and rich in color.
    However, his photos of the Cuban people are my personal favorites. The style with which he captures ‘life in Cuba’, along with his wonderful commentary, makes it such a compelling and enjoyable book to look at often.

    Having been to Cuba 5 years ago, this book transports me back each time I open it.

  2. ira meyer

    Michael was kind enough to send me a copy of his masterpiece of a first book: VANISHING CUBA.

    I tend to breeze through most photographic books, yet, each image and caption in this volume merited time to savor.

    As such, the journey from beginning to end took me a few weeks to traverse.

    Photographic excellence, passion for the subject, as well as excellence of production quality make VANISHING CUBA a true gem.

    Bravissimo, Michael Chinnici!!!

  3. Claudia

    Cuba has always been a must-see destination on my bucket list. Vanishing Cuba has reignited my desire to experience the people, music, art and culture of Cuba.

    The photographs are rich and captivating, and the quality of the prints is exceptional!
    The accompanying stories really made the complexities of this unique country come alive for me.

    My new afternoon delight is to have a little Cafe con Leche and slowly make my way through this stunning book!

  4. Laura Levitan

    Incredible. Purchased as gift for my grown son’s Bday. He was so thrilled. The book is magnificent. Congratulations and thank you Michael!

  5. Kim Tobin (verified owner)

    A masterful documentary of life in Cuba today and an essential visual memory if you have been to Cuba or just want to go. Michael captures the crumbling cities, rescued cars and warmth of the people. It’s also an insight into a country that has not had a western-style disposable culture; instead, it recycles, repurposes, and prevails. I went to Cuba in 2018, and this is a beautiful souvenir for my family.

  6. Donna M. Kross (verified owner)

    This is so much more than another book on Cuba. The images are masterfully made and the stories that accompany each one are well written and help to pull you in. I happen to love Cuba and its people and Michael brings me back with every turn of the page. The quality alone of the book itself is gorgous and the colorful and textured images pop right off every page. The cover is pure elegance! I’m very proud to display it on my coffee table. Well done, my friend!

  7. Eb Just

    Michael, my wife quite often tells me off for buying too many photography books: “Where are we going to put all your books!?” But when I received my copy of “Vanishing Cuba,” all she could say was, “What a beautiful book!” I can only agree with that. As I turn the beautifully printed pages I am immediately taken back to my own time photographing in Cuba. I am totally delighted that I bought your book and congratulate you on creating a superb treasure. Thanks!

  8. Raymond Colin Murray

    Passionately brilliant! The wonderful photographs and stories evoke memories of my visit to Cuba. This is a book of great quality of content and workmanship! Michael’s passion, love, and dedication can be seen on every page!

  9. Janet Ross

    Vanishing Cuba is an exquisite book, in texture, in photos, in commentary. Simply holding it and opening it is a treat – luxurious cover, luminous paper, and elegant prose.
    Each page is another discovery that Michael Chinnici shares with the reader – his insight, experience, and passion is a testament to the people and the culture of Cuba.
    Reading his book makes me feel as if I have visited, and calls me to make it so.

  10. Maxx Walske

    This book is GORGEOUS! Let’s just start with the book itself, made from the highest quality materials, the substantial size and the number of pages make it the most interesting book on my coffee table. You can’t walk by it without stopping to check it out. I have been to Cuba a few times and as soon as I opened Vanishing Cuba, I was transported right back to Havana. Michael Chinnici’s photography is spectacular, with each image capturing the true essence of Cuba – the warm, friendly people, the beautiful tropical island and the historical story each building has to tell. I highly recommend this book for the photography, the stories and the moment in time it captures – you will LOVE IT!

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33 reviews for SILVER EDITION

  1. Lois H

    “Vanishing Cuba” is a magnificent work of art. It is a beautiful book filled with amazing photos, detailed stories to go with each photo that brings characterizations and culture of the Cuban people alive to the reader. Without having visited Cuba, I felt immersed in the every day life of the Cuban people … their culture, their land, beauty of the land and buildings, poverty, and a sense of their pride, gratitude and happiness with their lives.

  2. Michael Paez

    Just received the book today and on first look not sure I have adequate words. Incredible, Amazing, Fantastic… now to properly read and immerse myself will take a nice glass of sipping rum, Cuban cigar and dive in.

    I look forward to that and can’t wait to get my cousins thoughts at the Cuba he left almost 60 years ago.

    Michael, I extend my congratulations. It exceeded your pre-publication notes and most assuredly I will have a follow up review to add what i am sure will be more compliments.

  3. Janet Samuels

    I have tons of coffee table books and of all of them Vanishing Cuba is my favorite. The photos are gorgeous!! The cover is truly a work of art. The book is so substantial and looks elegant on my coffee table. BRAVO!!!

  4. Clyde Berger

    Good afternoon Michael,
    I received my copy of Vanishing Cuba earlier this week and wanted to wait for a perfect quiet time to open the box. What better day than a cold snowy Friday? I opened it today with my wife Lorraine, who was a high school Spanish teacher. Neither of us has been to Cuba, but hope to go one day.
    This absolutely stunning, beautifully photographed and printed book is the next best thing. Oh my! Magnificent job! Congratulations!
    I will take my time looking at all the amazing images and reading the text carefully. Lorraine was particularly taken with the inclusion of the side by side English / Spanish text. As was I.
    Please know that this book will be cherished and read and reread.
    Thank you!
    All the best,

  5. Lexie Cataldo

    As I sit and read the stories, the documentation of a “Vanishing Cuba” is a sliver of its history with exquisite images. I’m getting chills as I turn every page and you transport us as if we are traveling with you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. What a joy—and even more so for us photographers!

  6. Christopher Brown (verified owner)

    Vanishing Cuba has arrived! WOW!! Such a pleasure to page through it (it’s massive!). Masterful composition, beautiful vivid colors, dramatic black and whites, interesting anecdotes — there’s magic on every page. Truly some of the most artistic photography work I’ve ever seen.

  7. Liliana Del Valle

    Lots and lots of love,
    I just got your book “Vanishing Cuba” and its amazing.
    I can’t write with words what I feel having a piece of art in my house like this one.
    Definitely you are one of the best known artists of my time. I’ve traveled to Cuba through your eyes, through your feelings, through your soul. I cannot portray in text what you have done in photography… Absolutely adorable !!!
    I have not been to Cuba but I have a better understanding of the culture, and the political and idiosyncrasy of the land.
    My respects to you and to your work… In San Antonio you have a house. My house, your house.

  8. Justin

    First of all, when the package came in I wasn’t sure what it was. I had forgotten that I had pre-ordered the book. The package was heavy, I was sure whatever was inside must be expensive. When I opened the package I finally understood and remembered. It lived up to my expectations and more. I did not expect the quality of the book to be at such a high level. Holding it, even just looking at it evokes a sense of importance and passion that was put into it. And the same can be said about the photos. This book will probably take me years to get through as I try to soak in every image. And I am very happy about that!

  9. Lenore W (verified owner)

    Michael’s book “Vanishing Cuba” will be the new star of your coffee table or bookshelf! Each page of this book transports the reader and tells a story – with hands down the most bright and vibrant colors I have ever seen on a printed page. Beautifully photographed and assembled…I can not recommend this book enough to any photography or travel lover!

  10. Tod Smith

    This is instantly one of my favorite photo books! The storylines and Michael’s love of Cuba and it’s people are on full display. And the quality of the photography and printing transport you to a Cuba that deserves our attention

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