W. Scott Olsen, an English professor and street photographer, just completed his review of my VANISHING CUBA book for FRAMES MAGAZINE, a fine art photography magazine based out of Switzerland. “I’m moved beyond words.”

Scott writes,” Every now and then, a photo book is completely astounding. The images are technically brilliant and insightfully composed. The subject is engaging. But that doesn’t begin to talk about the power or the effect of the collection.” 

Scott goes on to say, “Something else is going on that reaches a higher or a different level of insight. Sometimes it has to do with the artist’s depth of knowledge or experience or authority. Sometimes it’s just a different melody, a different chord being played instead of the one we expect. And sometimes it’s just magic.”

“Vanishing Cuba is an extraordinary act of rediscovery. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen one or none or 1000 pictures of Cuba before. You haven’t seen this book. And the fact is, you need to see this book.”

See below for the complete book review.
Or click here for the link to Frames Magazine. 

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