We are so proud to announce that Michael’s donation of one ‘Reserve Edition’ of his VANISHING CUBA book to the Maryland Food Bank has raised $4823 in an auction/raffle. This means that 14,469 meals will be provided to the thousands of people in need in Maryland.

This all began with a photography club presentation that Michael presented to the Maryland Photography Alliance, a collective of 26 photography clubs throughout Maryland. When Michael heard that the proceeds from the alliance would go to help those in need in Maryland, he offered to donate one of his ‘Reserve Edition’ books to the cause.

Here’s what Michael had this to say. “I was impressed with the program that the Maryland Photography Alliance had created to raise money for the food bank. When I approached Steve Sattler at MPA about the idea, they took it one step further and created a contest for two books, one Silver Edition, and one Reserve Edition. The person who donated the most money to the food bank would win the Reserve Edition, and the Silver edition became a random drawing available to anyone who had previously donated money. They raised close to $50,000 since the program began. Other clubs should look at their alliance model and how they’ve been able to do good things for the community using creativity and marketing savvy to accomplish their goals. They were a pleasure to work with, and I wish all the best to MPA in their future endeavors.”

Thanks to everyone at MPA and the Maryland Food Bank for your collaboration and support.

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