Wow!!! Thank you, Melanie Chapman, for writing such a wonderful review of my Vanishing Cuba book!
And to quote the poet John Dunne… “The poet John Dunne wrote “No man is an island…”. Spend time experiencing Cuba through Chinnici’s insightful eyes, and you may be tempted to reply “…and no island is one man.”
Melanie goes on to say, “VANISHING CUBA is a beautiful and weighty book, with 300 lushly printed color images reflecting the 20 plus trips that Chinnici has been fortunate enough to make to Cuba. His dynamic images share his appreciation for color, both metaphoric and actual, and depict the people, the details, and the landscapes of Cuba.” See below for the complete review. 
Melanie Chapman is a Contributing Editor for Photobook Journal and a Southern California photographer.

Click here to read the post in Photobook Journal.

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